Action Bikes and Outdoor’s Bike Drive of 2015

From Action Bikes and Outdoor, John Troyan and owner, TC Crawford (Image Preston Ehrler, ©MilfordNow. No reproduction without permission)

From Action Bikes and Outdoor, John Troyan and owner, TC Crawford (Image Preston Ehrler, ©MilfordNow. No reproduction without permission)

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Action Bikes and Outdoor is hosting a bicycle drive for less fortunate children and teens in the local, tri-state area.

How it Works

In exchange for each bicycle donated, Action Bikes and Outdoor will issue a $20 gift card to the individual who made the donation. Any bicycle in relatively good condition will be accepted.

Action Bikes will then service each bicycle, ensuring they are in proper and safe working order before they are issue to each family. Additionally, the bicycle will be sized appropriately to fit the rider and basic instruction will be offered.

Action Bikes’ goal is to give 50 less fortunate kids each a bike, in an effort to encourage an athletic, fun and healthy lifestyle.

The bikes will be delivered to qualifying families by early December. The expectation is to place bikes with children, but adult bikes may also be issued if they are donated. All donated bikes may be dropped off at Action Bikes and Outdoor, 611 Broad Street, Milford, Pennsylvania 18337.

Choosing the Recipients

To ensure proper placement with those in need, community leaders in surrounding areas will be issued applications. The applications will be distributed to families that will benefit by receiving a new bicycle. The one-page application will included an addressed, return envelope with stamp. Action Bikes will notify the families that have qualified and inform them of the pick-up time and location.

TC Crawford, Action Bikes and Outdoor Owner

Action Bikes and Outdoor owner TC Crawford said, “This is the second year of the bike drive. Last year we placed over 50 bikes with new owners and it was a huge success. We are excited about holding the drive again this year. The kids are so happy when they get their bikes. Their excitement is worth all of the work.”

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