Hurricane Joaquin May Affect the Area

(Courtesy NOAA)

(Courtesy NOAA)

Hurricane Joaquin, that became a “Major Category 3 Hurricane” last night over the Bahamas, is growing fast and picking up steam. It is expected to reach Category 4 status by sometime Friday. According to some estimates, the hurricane, which is expected to track up the east coast, though it may stay out to sea, could affect as many as 65 million people from the southern coastal states all the way up into New England.

Regardless of whether it makes landfall, heavy rains and “tropical conditions” are expected in our area. Currently, rain is forecast for Saturday with clearing early in the week, but that could dramatically change based on the storm’s track, which does not put it into the northeast until Tuesday.

The storm is expected to be near the Outer Banks of North Carolina toward the end of the weekend.