Samaki: Smoked to Perfection in Port

Simon Marrian at Samaki in Port Jervis, New York

Simon Marrian at Samaki in Port Jervis, New York

35 Years of Experience

Meats have been smoked an eaten throughout history; generally speaking smoking was used as a method of preserving food. Along the timeline, smoked meats and fish have become a delicacy that is increasingly popular in the gourmet food circuit.

Lucky for the population of Northeastern Pennsylvania, there is a purveyor of fine smoked fish right over the bridge in New York State. Located in Port smakiJervis, Samaki was established in 1983 and the owner Simon Marrian has been smoking fish for 35 years.

Humble Beginnings

“I have been in smoked fish since 1979. I started smoking fish in Kenya were I was born,“ said Marrian. Before getting into the smoked fish business, Marrian ran safaris in Kenya. During his last three years in Kenya he began smoking fish and selling it to the safari lodgers. The fish included tuna and marlin. “Samaki means Fish in Swahili. The company I used to run in Kenya was called Samaki and Smoke. But when I came here, I just dropped the smoke and called it Samaki,” said Marrian.

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